Two’s Company (with Chris Connor)

Title : Two's Company (with Chris Connor)
Release Date : 1961
Label :
Catalog ref. : R-52068
Format : Vinyl


  1. I Feel A Song Coming On
  2. The Wind
  3. New York’s My Home
  4. Guess Who I Saw Today?
  5. When The Sun Comes Out
  6. Send For Me
  7. Where Do You Go?
  8. Something Coming
  9. Deep Song
  10. Can’t Get Out Of This Mood


Maynard Ferguson (trumpet/slide trombone/French horn)
Chet Feretti, Bill Berry, Rolf Ericson (trumpets)
Ray Winslow, Kenny Rupp (trombones)
Lanny Morgan, Willie Maiden, Joe Farrell, Frank Hittner (saxophones)
Jaki Byard (piano), John Neves (bass), Rufus Jones (drums)

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