It’s My Time

Title : It's My Time
Release Date : 1980
Label :
Catalog ref. : JC-36766
Format : Vinyl


  1. It’s My Time
  2. Dance To Your Heart
  3. Everybody Loves The Blues
  4. An Offering Of Love – Part I
  5. Star
  6. You Can Have Me Anytime
  7. Red Creek
  8. The Spirit Of St. Frederick


Maynard Ferguson (trumpet/superbone/fluegelhorn/firebird)
Stan Mark, Rusty Barker, Mike Horbal, Alan Wise (trumpet)
Nick Lane (trombone), Ken Crane (trombone/tuba)
Mike Migliore, Ed Maina, Eric Traub (saxophones)
David Ramsay (piano, electic piano, synthesizers), Lou Carfa (bass), Roberto Petaccia (drums), Tom Rizzo (guitar) Yvonne Lewis, Deborah McDuffie, Krystal Davis (vocals) Guy Lumia (concert master)

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