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The following images are from different eras in Maynard Ferguson’s career.

“Ferguson lit up thousands of young horn players, with pride and excitement. In a world often divided between jocks and band nerds, Ferguson crossed over, because he approached his music almost as an athletic event. On stage, he strained, sweated, heaved and roared. He nailed the upper registers like Shaq nailing a dunk or Lawrence Taylor nailing a running back — and the audience reaction was exactly the same: the guttural shout, the leap to their feet, the fists in the air. We cheered Maynard as a gladiator, a combat soldier, a prize fighter, a circus strongman — choose your masculine archetype.”


Maynard Ferguson performing in Manchester England 1960’s

Maynard Ferguson

Maynard Ferguson early 1970s

Bandleader Maynard Ferguson 1970s

Maynard Ferguson performing the comedy tune “Blues in Burlesque” with the Stan Kenton Orchestra.

Maynard Ferguson playing the Superbone, his self-designed with Holton LeBlanc combination valve and slide trombone.

The Maynard Ferguson Band performing in concert 1970’s

Maynard Ferguson circa 1980’s

Early 1970’s British band blends with the incoming American members.

Maynard Ferguson performs in 1969

Maynard Ferguson and Big Bop Nouveau perform with the Swiss Italian Symphony Orchestra in Lugano Switzerland July 1997. Photo credit Marco D’Anna.

- Peter Olstad (Band alumnus)

He was about the music. He breathed it, lived it, and set an example by his actions about what he wanted out of music. He had set such high standards for himself, and by his living up to his own standards he affected everyone he came in contact with in a positive way.

- Chris(Belgian fan)

I first saw Maynard as a 10 year old kid on TV, when Maynard played at the end ceremony at the Olympic games in Montreal in 1976. Where he blows the flame out. At that moment my life changed forever! I never heard a sound that beautiful ever. No matter what piece of music Maynard played there was always that feeling in his playing. I can't describe it correctly. For me its sounds like Maynard puts love in every note he ever played.

- Matthew(Music teacher)

It is not only what he can play; it is his profound cheery nature and sheer energy that attracts us to him. No serious trumpet player can dismiss Maynard. We owe him a great debt; and he paid his in full, never cheated the public or their ears. Barnum and Bailey have nothing on Maynard. He is the center ring and the ring master.



The Legend Lives On

His music moved generations. Continue the movement.