Big Bop Nouveau

Big Bop Nouveau – Reissue

1989’s modern bebop-drenched big band music.

In the late 1980s, Maynard Ferguson took a break from his highly successful fusion band, High Voltage, and returned to an all-star assemblage of horn players for his 60th Birthday Big Band Tour. Never one to rest on his laurels, MF and band entered the state of the art Sound Design Studios in Santa Barbara, California, throughout 1989, to record a new record.

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Body & Soul – Reissue

Maynard 1986 Re-Invention.

After the release of 1983’s Storm, and the following year’s Live From San Francisco, Maynard Ferguson was on a creative roll. When Body & Soul appeared in 1986, Ferguson himself said “It’s my best album in many years! Bear in mind, this is music we’ve worked on for some time, re-designing it and changing it—the tunes are not something we just hatched for a studio session.”

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